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Flying Dutchmen News · Coaches Are Key by Madelyn Hamilton

From an athletic stance I know that losing sucks and you always are mad about the next time you play that team! Most people point it on the coach, which I think is wrong. Yes the coach is there to teach them and be their leader but the coach can’t be out on the court or the field, its not their responsibility unless the coach is stupid and doesn’t know what he/she is doing. Obviously, if you are playing a college or professional sport you have to have a lot of skill, and the coach should know when and when not to play someone. Like when someone is having a bad day, they are mad and they are bringing the rest of the team down.  That’s when the coach needs to step in and put someone else in that will do better for the day. That’s what a team is, a group of people with different skill levels, and when one person has a skill level that someone else doesn’t have, they pick each other up by their qualities going together.

Firing a coach, or asking them to resign, isn’t the right thing to do. Yes, some players may not like the coach or even agree with the coach, but that doesn’t mean that firing the coach is the correct thing.  For example, the Detroit Lions had a horrible year this year and their coach Jim Schwartz was recently let go due to their past two seasons. The Detroit Lions president Tom Lewand said, “The simple fact is we have fallen short of the expectations of our ownership, and those expectations are simple.”

“We fell short of that, and the decision that was made today was a direct reflection of falling short of that goal. Quite simply, we didn’t win enough football games.” Lewand said (

“In 1995, the Browns fired their head coach, Bill Belichick, after five mostly losing seasons. Then the team moved to Baltimore, where, as the Ravens, they have since had three coaches and won two Super Bowls.” ( Maybe it is the coach that changes things around for a team. They are the ones who run practice.

“It’s tough for the players to see your coaches go. You never want to see anybody get fired,” Pro Bowl defensive tackle Gerald McCoy said. “Me personally, I haven’t had any, consistently, in my career. Third head coach, going on my fifth year and three head coaches. Add up everybody, it’ll be six D-line coaches.” (

It depends on the person whether or not they think it’s the players or the coach. In my opinion it is the coach because not everyone likes the coach or gets along with them. This creates a bad environment for everyone.

While talking to my mom she said,  “It’s not always about the end score, but the journey you had and if you made a team out of a group of different personalities and talent. And unless you’re in the actual circle, you shouldn’t judge.”

My Mom has very wise words and I completely agree with what she had to say. Coaches are a big role to the players and no one knows what coaches have to deal with. In the professional league. It’s all about money, but in high school is about playing time and what everyone’s reputation is.






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